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They say, every person comes from a different world. As for me, I come from two. Well technically, a combination of two.

Firstly, I’m a MUNer/debater. In Taiwan, this is where the West meets the East. During the Taipei Cicero English Debate, we contend over a fat tax on local Taiwanese farmers. After MUN conferences, we banter over the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in post-conflict countries while eating stinky tofu at the night market.

However, most students in this community are either privileged: they’re enrolled in Taiwan’s top schools or receive advanced English instruction. This further disheartened me while tutoring a group of disadvantaged students. As much as they aspired to meet other proactive students and spread their voices outside their communities, they didn’t have a platform to do so.

I strived to open this door by hosting a multi-schooled TEDx event. Nearly 100 students applied to become speakers.

Although they came from various places, backgrounds, and schools, I discovered that our passion to make our generation influential had connected us all.

Resonating with their stories, the ideas they wanted to spread, and the change they had instilled or wished to see in the future, I reached out to them one by one. Eventually, they became our speakers, our audiences, our team members, and my dear friends.

Some started connecting during our TEDx events and began working together. Just like that, a handful of ideas for youth organizations were born. Inspired by this, we’ve constituted an Alliance of Youth Organizations. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the MUN niche with the rest of the Taiwanese student body. Through numerous workshop series, we’ve strived to facilitate mentorships between business officials and student organizations, where the firms can build their positive image by showcasing their willingness to help upcoming generations, and the student organizations wouldn’t be restricted to short-lived activities.

Our long-term collaboration with government ministries has provided us with a platform for any passionate students to connect, exchange knowledge, and bring a positive impact to society. Together, we are an inclusive community. Together, we are Generation Z.


首先,我是一個模聯人兼辯論者。在台灣,這裡是西方與東方交界的地方。在台北西塞羅英語辯論中,我們爭論對當地台灣農民徵收高額稅。在 MUN 會議之後,我們一邊在夜市吃著臭豆腐,一邊開玩笑說在衝突後國家實施可持續發展目標。

我努力透過一個多校聯合舉辦的 TEDx 活動來打開這扇門。近100名學生申請成為演講者。儘管他們來自不同的地方、背景和學校,我卻發現:



有些人在我們的 TEDx 活動期間開始聯繫並開始合作。就這樣,一些青年組織的想法誕生了。受此啟發,我們成立了學生組織聯盟。我們的目標是彌合 模聯與其他台灣學生之間的隔閡。透過眾多的研討會系列,我們努力促進企業人士和學生組織之間的合作指導關係,讓公司可以通過展示自己幫助學生的意願,來樹立正面形象,而學生組織不會僅限於舉辦短期活動。

我們與政府部門的長期合作為我們提供了一個平台,讓任何有熱情的學生聯繫彼此、交流想法,並為社會帶來積極影響。總之,我們努力成為一個包容的社群。我們一起成長、一起改變,一起成為 Z 世代的驕傲!

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